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Review: Resurrection (Arwen Elys Dayton)

Resurrection - Arwen Elys Dayton

Arwen Elys Dayton
47North - 443 pages

5 stars.

The Premise: The Pyramids were built by visitors from space, and remnants of their technology lies buried beneath the desert. Now their descendants must save their dying world by traveling to modern day Earth to recover the lost technology of their ancestors. Sounds cliche and horribly overwrought? Give this one moment, and read on.

Why You Need to Read it: Because Arwen Elys Dayton has done the impossible -- taken the most over-used story and told it not only fresh, but with moments of wonder that startle the heart. There is a scene where a woman from a desert world sees the Pacific for the first time; there is a scene where a man raised among an alien race to hate his fellow humans sees a woman's body for the first time; there is a scene where a woman from a medically advanced species cures an African village of Ebola with a touch. There is some of the feel and scope of old space opera here, but throughout it all runs a tremendous compassion and ability to see the small moments of love in otherwise ordinary people and ordinary occasions. This is an easy read with panache and moments of unexpected grandeur. Highly recommended.

Favorite Quote: “Think of how lucky we are. We can experience art and love and beauty. We are infinite, just as those things are infinite.”